Dr. Sebastian Louven

Antitrust Law & Telecommunications Law

I advise innovative companies at the crossroads between technology, competition and law. National and international companies benefit from my highly specialised legal expertise in the competitive and regulatory design of their digital business models.


Dr. Sebastian Louven

advises on antitrust law & telecommunications law


Regulatory Affairs

I represent clients in legal disputes and proceedings before regulatory and antitrust authorities. I have particular experience in the regulation of access and charges under German telecommunications law.

Expert opinion

I provide expert opinions on specific legal issues from my areas of specialisation. In this respect, I have particular experience in competition law, network industry related regulatory issues and information law.

Contract drafting and negotiation

I create and negotiate general terms and conditions and individual contractual solutions for my clients. A special focus is on the drafting of access contracts for data and other preliminary


I consult on the design of and compliance with effective measures to prevent and detect infringements throughout the company. I also provide support in the event of infringements that have already been pursued. I support companies in training their employees with the aim of avoiding antitrust violations or dealing with them correctly in the event of detection. This includes, e.g. training on communication with competitors or associations, behaviour during raids or in distribution negotiations.

Distribution agreements

A focus of my advice is the drafting of distribution and licensing agreements of all kinds. This includes, in particular, wholesale and resale agreements and the conditions for obtaining regulated and non-regulated wholesale services (VULA/BSA, IC or local-loop). I also configure selective distribution and franchising systems.

Legal training and lectures

I offer special workshops for IT specialists and technicians for designing technical measures in compliance with antitrust law (Antitrust by Design). I am requested and recommended for lectures on complex legal issues in my areas of specialisation.

Platform consulting

I support the conceptual and structural planning and design of platform business models and platform sales. My own experience as a corporate lawyer and lobbyist is of great benefit here.

Wholesale legal advise

I cooperate with leading law firms specialising in intellectual property, IT law and data protection law. If there is an additional need in my areas of focus, I support those with my experience and expertise.


Since 2016 I have been working as an independent lawyer. My main areas of expertise are antitrust law and telecommunications law. Further key areas of my work include IP law, distribution law and IT law. In addition, my advice is always related to international business law.

Starting in 2011, I am co-editor in the Telemedicus team. There I co-founded the Telemedicus Summer Conference, which has been successful for several years.

My research at the University of Oldenburg is mainly concerned with legal and innovation theory, antitrust law of the information society and competition policy. I give lectures in competition law and privacy law and also have teaching experience in international commercial law.

Professional Experience

2016 – Heute

Attorney (Germany) for antitrust law & telecommunications law

Advice and contract drafting in antitrust and telecommunications law with a focus on IT law, platforms, big data, essential facility, selective distribution systems, cloud, media law, general terms and conditions

2016 – Heute

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, , Chair of Civil Law, Commercial and Business Law and Legal Informatics

Research in the field of antitrust law, digital platforms and competitive phenomena of the digital industry; teaching in the areas of corporate and commercial law, competition law and data protection law


Attorney (Germany)
Login Partners Rechtsanwälte

IT law, data protection law, cartel law, distribution law, regulation

2011 – Heute

Co-publisher and editor

Blogger, editor, co-organiser of the Telemedicus Summer Conference

2014 – 2015

Legal Counsel (Manager Legal Regulatory Affairs)
Versatel Germany

Telecommunications law, regulation, economic administrative law, antitrust law, consumer protection law, contract law, administrative procedural law, administrative procedural law

2012 – 2014

Trainee lawyer
OLG Hamm

Essen District Court, 3rd Civil Chamber; StA Essen Organised Crime Division; Federal Cartel Office, Decision Division 7 (Telecommunications, Broadcasting, IT)

2012 – 2014

Research assistant
Terhaag & Partner Lawyers, Intellectual Property & Internet Law

Competition law, IT law, industrial property rights, media law, right of expression, press law, trademark law, marketing, SEO, scientific writing, online editing

Case Studies

  • Design of a selective distribution system for luxury goods and high-priced brand services in the hotel industry
  • Design of access conditions to IT infrastructure (router)
  • Advice on the design of industry-wide information platforms in compliance with antitrust law
  • Advising a Brazilian pharmaceutical distributor on its entry into the European market and on international antitrust law issues
  • Ongoing advice on telecommunications law for a medium-sized platform operator for telecommunications services and virtual wholesale products (including drafting an interconnection and collocation agreement for telecommunications services, integration of external AI services, external support in all matters with the BNetzA)
  • Advice on competition law for a traditional brewery
  • Advising specialised dealers of high-priced products on the design of their distribution relationships and the enforcement of antitrust law supply claims
  • Advising a major German travel company regarding antitrust issues concerning brand strategy
  • Antitrust law advice and training for a research institute
  • Ongoing media law advice for marketers in copyright, IP and service law
  • Advising a large German insurance group on regulatory requirements under the German BSIG and TKG
  • Advice on antitrust risks in SEO/SEA agreements


As a conference speaker, I am regularly invited to give lectures, workshops and courses. I publish in professional journals, blogs and anthologies about my areas of expertise. I comment on antitrust law issues regarding access to data in the  handbook “Datenrecht in der Digitalisierung” by Specht-Riemenschneider/Werry/Werry. I am also author in the Taeger/Gabel standard commentary on the GDPR.

Recently I became a member of the editorial board of the prestigious scientific journal “Recht innovativ”.

I am participating in the following associations:

  • Telemedicus e.V.
  • German Society for Law and Informatics (DGRI)
  • Studienvereinigung Kartellrecht e.V.
  • German Association for the Protection of Industrial Property and Copyright GRUR.
  • Lippischer Anwaltverein e.V.
  • FORUM Young Lawyers of the German Bar Association (DAV) e.V.
  • Information Society Law Centre

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