Once again a short note on my own behalf: The DAJV has invited me as a speaker at its Transatlantic Legal Conference. It is scheduled to take place next week on Friday, 6.3.2020, in Frankfurt am Main. It is organized by the German-American Lawyers’ Association DAJV, which is strongly committed to professional and intercultural transatlantic exchange. At the conference, the various working groups of the DAJV will organise workshops on their topics, including the Antitrust, Regulated Industries, Media (ARIM) group. This is being discussed under the title “Dominant digital platforms – Do we have the right tools to control certain (undesirable) developments?” I was invited as a speaker on this panel and I am very pleased to have been honoured. Other speakers participating in the panel are Dr. Irene Sewczyk from the Bundeskartellamt and Prof. Dr. Alexander Peukert from the University of Frankfurt. I had the pleasure of discussing the Bundeskartellamt’s Facebook decision with Ms Sewczyk at last year’s DGRI-Drei-Länder-Treffen in Krems (Austria). I look forward to hearing her comments on the current draft of a 10th amendment to the ARC, as we will be discussing this and other developments in competition policy and antitrust law.

Watch the teaser for the panel from the program:

Dominant digital platforms are not dreams of the future; they are today’s reality. However, do we have the right tools to control certain (undesirable) developments? We want to examine this overarching question from an antitrust and data protection law point of view. How do the German, European and U.S. legal systems deal with platform operators? How are different national views on antitrust issues affecting platform operators? Is there a reliable damage theory? Is antitrust law the better data protection/privacy law?


Click here for the conference page, where you can also register. Here you can find the detailed program with further information also about the other workshops.

Dr. Sebastian Louven

Rechtsanwalt Sebastian LouvenSince 2016 I have been an attorney at law. I advise mainly on antitrust law and telecommunications law. Further focal points of my work are intellectual property law as well as distribution law and IT law.


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