February 26, 2020
The importance of data for competition has been clear not only since the Bundeskartellamt’s pioneering Facebook decision. Numerous references and interrelationships also seem to exist between the fields of antitrust law and data protection law. In the summer I participated in several conferences (among others with my colleague Carlo Piltz from Now I have...
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In the current issue of the magazine GRUR Int. I have published an essay together with David Saive entitled “Antitrust by Design – The prohibition of anti-competitive coordination and the consensus mechanism of the blockchain“. The article is based on a very intensive scientific dialogue where I learned a lot. Before we published it in...
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Sebastian Louven

Rechtsanwalt Sebastian LouvenSince 2016 I have been an attorney at law. I advise mainly on antitrust law and telecommunications law. Further focal points of my work are intellectual property law as well as distribution law and IT law.